Clashing Over Cuts

"Education matters, education matters," parents chanted outside of the Prudence Crandall School in Enfield.

They stood in numbers to make sure the Board of Education heard their message loud and clear. Parents don't want to see programs cut and a school closed because of budget cuts.

"Every school in Enfield is important. Every school is its own little community, so everybody can be upset about a closing of a school," said Sue Braun.

Parents are also upset about the proposed elimination of programs at the high schools. They say the cuts will go beyond affecting education. They're worried about what these cuts will mean for the town.

"It could affect home values, it could affect economic growth. I find it to be of great concern going forward if we don't do something to stop this," said Maureen Brennan.

A community meeting was held to address some of those concerns. It also show parents four possible scenarios of what would happen if the district closed the Alcorn School, Enfield Street School, Harriet Beecher Stowe School or Nathan Hale School. Maps showed how students would be redistricted.

"We don't want to close a school, we don't want to lay off teachers, we don't want to eliminate teachers, but right now we're forced to find today, $6 million," said Enfield Board of Education Chairman Andre Greco.

The Board says it will have to make some tough decisions, but it wants parents to know there will still be quality education in Enfield.

"We're trying to through this process of redistricting, balance classroom sizes and keep the classrooms the same level that they are today," said Greco.

So far, no decisions have been made.

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