Classmates Want to Help Katie Gaga Meet Lady Gaga

Students at Suffield, Connecticut, high school are trying to help a classmate’s wish come true.

Katie Dorman, 17, is one of Lady Gaga’s biggest fans and she wants to meet the superstar. She is one step closer after someone donated two front-row tickets for her to go to the concert with her older brother.

Dorman is part of the Suffield High School's “Unified Theater,” an organization that’s breaking down the barriers for people with disabilities and putting them on stage.

When Katie puts on her wig and takes the stage, she becomes “Katie Gaga.”

“It warms my heart watching Katie come on the stage because, at this point, we know the magic is about to happen,” Zach Blatter, a student, said.

Katie also has background dancers who are hoping to make her dream go viral over the Internet with this hashtag: #SendKatieToGaga.

"Katie, we all know, loves Lady Gaga. And so we were like, ‘You know what would be super cool? If we got her to meet Lady Gaga!’ Because it wouldn’t just make her day, it would make her life!,” another student, Spencer Lambert, said.

That’s when Lambert Blatter decided to launch the hashtag, which has now been posted more than 600,000 times.

Katie has Down Syndrome and is unable to communicate verbally.

Beyond making Katie’s dream come true, her teachers are seeing her light up off the stage, as well.

“Seeing her light up in the hallways, seeing her become more communicative with everyone has just been wonderful,” Erin Larkham, a Unified Theater co-advisor, said.

Students hope getting the singer’s attention will help Katie meet Lady Gaga when the star performs at the Oakdale Theater on June 29.

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