Clear Off Your Roofs Before Next Storm Governor Says

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After many recent building collapses across the state under the weight of record snowfall, and recent ice, Gov. Dannel Malloy is again urging that homeowners, business owners and municipal leaders clear any structures, particularly those with flat roofs, prior to each winter storm.

“I cannot say it enough – people need to be vigilant about clearing their roofs and they need to be smart about it,” Malloy said. “People might think I sound like a broken record, but the collapse yesterday of several building across the state – in addition to the structures which have collapsed over the past few weeks – illustrates the real need to go out there and get this done prior to another storm that is forecast to hit Connecticut on Saturday.”

The state Department of Education has sent a notice to every school urging them to clear their roofs, Malloy said, and he’s told municipal leaders the same.

“The state Department of Public Works has been out often over the last few weeks clearing the roofs off state buildings, and that will continue. We all need to do our part to help keep our communities safe during this prolonged period of winter weather,” Malloy said.

The governor asks people who live near seniors who cannot clear their own roof to ask if they might need a hand.

Residents who can’t clear their own roofs and need to pay for someone else to do it, should call the Better Business Bureau to ensure the quality of services, he said.

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