Clear the Shelters: Things to Think About Before Adopting

We’re just one day away from one of our favorite events in our state: NBC and Telemundo Connecticut’s Clear the Shelters.

The annual adoption celebration helped settle more than 900 pets into new homes last year.

We’re hoping for the same success this year, too.

“We have over 100 animals, cats and dogs, seniors, kittens, all ages, Betsy will be there. Find your forever homes?,” Tori Cateni, co-founder of Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut, said.

Besty is a six month old snuggler.

The super friendly lab mix is looking for a permanent place to rest her paws.

“It’s a nice age if you want a puppy, but you don’t want to wake up all the time,” Cateni said.

Pack Leaders Rescue of CT is psyched to participate in another Clear the Shelters event, but they encourage people to think some things through before stopping by.

“Do your research. Realize what your lifestyle is like. If your lifestyle is calm and you want a calm dog, there’s many calm couch potato breeds that you can hang out with. If you’re an avid runner, look for an energetic dog like Jasper,” Cateni said.

Like Besty, Jasper was saved from a kill shelter.

He’s a bubbly Basenji, jack russel mix.

“Rescue and shelters are not giving away their animals, everyone has to do an application, it’s still a process, it’s still a lifelong commitment," Cateni said.

And animal rescue experts we spoke to say if you’re not ready to adopt an animal at this time, think about fostering one or volunteering before making the commitment.

But if you are looking forward to a furrier future, Pack Rescue reminds folks to make sure your significant other, roommates and kiddos are ready for the ride.

“It’s like bringing a new baby home. The rescue dogs really do give you so much love,” Cateni said.

Pack Rescue is one of almost two dozen shelters across the state participating.

Head to for an interactive map of a shelter near you.

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