Clear Vents, Roofs, Fire Hydrants

Steve Wang 1
Steve Wang

Driveways were the first thing we all had to clear of 2 feet of snow, but keeping your vents open, shoveling out fire hydrants and clearing off your roof comes next.

Home and business owners with low sloped or flat roofs should try to remove the snow and clear out any roof drains whenever possible, the Town of Stonington Building Department warns.

The weather forecast through this weekend is for the temperatures to remain below freezing, which means little possibility of melting snow, and next week could bring a rain mix, which could add significant weight to your roof.

Hartford Hospital warns residents to clear all vents that are blocked by high snow mounds to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. They warn not to use wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves, gas-powered washers or dryers, or fireplaces if the exhaust vent or flue is blocked with snow, the West Hartford News reports.

Eugene A. Guilford Jr., president of the Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association is asking residents to shovel out fire hydrants, clear paths for emergency personnel, ensure the your local heating oil and propane dealer has access to fuel your home and public utilities companies can respond to emergencies.

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