Clinton Won't Say Whether She's Considering Malloy for Cabinet

In the event that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton becomes President Hillary Clinton, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy may or may not have a role in her administration.

During an exclusive interview with NBC Connecticut on Sunday, the former First Lady, U.S. Senator and chief diplomat was asked whether she has considered the second-term governor for either her vice president list or for another spot in her cabinet and she said it’s too early to make any comments on who may comprise her administration.

“Oh my gosh, I don't want to talk about what could be a position in the future” Clinton said. “That's totally hypothetical but you know clearly I appreciate what he's trying to do and wish him well here in Connecticut.”

Malloy and the Clintons have been political allies since his run for governor in 2010 when he received the endorsement of both former President Bill Clinton and Hillary. The former president campaigned for the governor during his reelection bid in 2014.

Malloy returned the favor to Hillary Clinton as one of her earliest endorsements for president.

Malloy’s name has been mentioned by Democratic sources as a possible Transportation Secretary and Attorney General candidate.

On Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on Sunday, a list of possible vice presidential candidates was discussed that included former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Virginia U.S. Senator Tim Kaine and Sen. Sherrod Brown from Ohio.

The other name that has been discussed in Democratic circles is Julian Castro, a former member of Congress from San Antonio who currently serves as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

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