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No Plans to Close CT Package Stores: WSWC

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Good news for those who may want to enjoy a stiff drink during these trying times.

State officials are not currently considering closing Connecticut package stores, according to officials from the Wine and Spirit Wholesalers (WSWC) of Connecticut.

Larry Cafero, executive director of WSWC, said he spoke with the governor's office Wednesday and was told they are not considering a closure of package stores at this time.

Cafero said that Carroll Hughes of CPSA, who also represents the police chiefs of Connecticut, had voiced concerns about potential "lawlessness" if package stores were to close and consumers were unable to buy wine or spirits, given the ban already handed down to restaurants and bars.

Restaurants and bars in Connecticut have been ordered to close all in-house dining and only offer take-out options, and they cannot serve alcohol.

The governor has also issued orders to close gyms, casinos, movie theaters, malls, bowling alleys and amusement parks in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have adopted the same measures.

So far, 97 people in Connecticut have tested positive for COVID-19, and one person has died.

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