CL&P Says Crews Are Being Harassed

The utility company is asking people not to harass workers.

More than 300,000 people in the state do not have power six days after the weekend storm and Connecticut Light & Power is begging people through Facebook not to approach crews in the field or harass them.

“(W)e are receiving an increasing number of reports from the field that people are approaching them and in some cases harassing or threatening them,” Connecticut Light & Power posted on its Facebook page.

As of Friday afternoon, a quarter of CL&P’s customer base is still in the dark and frustrations are high, especially in towns were most people are still in the dark, and people are looking for answers.

“We completely understand how difficult waiting for power to be restored is -- particularly when many of us have been waiting so long -- our crews in the field are the solution to this problem. Distracting the workers from doing their job is counterproductive, and will only further delay getting the power back on. Please, PLEASE allow the crews to work uninterrupted so that everyone can be restored as quickly as possible."

Gov. Dannel Malloy has also asked that residents use the CL&P Web site for information on power restoration estimates rather than approach linemen and tree crews and stop them from doing their jobs.

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