Coats Donated to Students in Waterbury

Waterbury firefighters, Cigna and MacDermid Performance Solutions donated 100 coats to students at Driggs Elementary School in Waterbury Friday.

They handed out coats of all sizes and colors -- the students were all smiles.

“Just to see them so excited and know what these coats mean to them – it means access to school, it means warmth and comfort to get to school," said Principal Michael Theriault.

It goes a long way when you look and feel good.

“One of the reasons a lot of students are absent is because they don’t have warm coats to get to school so it’s going to help us chip away at that problem of chronic absenteeism," said Theriault.

“Obviously we’re here when you call 911 but we’re also here for the community for things like this and I think it’s very important and again it keeps us in touch with the community on a good note. Usually when we see them it’s at their worst so this is a chance to get together with them for something good," said Waterbury fire chief David Martin.

Students couldn’t thank them enough. They wrote letters to thank everyone who made donations.

“I just want to thank you guys for bringing me the coat and thank you for protecting us," said student, Monet Cooper. 

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