Coleman Brothers Carnival Makes A Comeback In Middletown

After a year away due to COVID-19, the city staple will makes its return Friday.

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The lights will be lit and funnel cake will be sold as the Coleman Brothers Carnival is coming back to the Middletown.

After a year away due to COVID-19, the carnival opens Friday afternoon.

"Everyone loves a good carnival," said Larry McHugh, Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce president.

The Coleman Brothers Carnvial has more than 100 years of history in the area.

Its return to Middletown after more than a year after the beginning of the pandemic has given people some hope as we approach summer.

"People have gone through a lot of negative thoughts over the past year. This is a positive thought for everyone -- that we’re getting back to somewhat normal and I think it will be important for everybody," McHugh said.

The carnival company says it will be making necessary changes for safety, including limited capacity, mask-wearing for guests and workers, temperature checks for all employees, and disinfecting rides at the end of every night.

For people in Middletown, it's a welcome return.

"I think it’s a good distraction for the youth and kids in Middletown -- to get their mind off of being quarantined and corralled in their house over the last year," said Brian Clark, of Middletown.

"I think it’s exciting especially having events to be outside because it gives family members opportunities to see each other outside of the home more I just think it’s important to connect with people," Cori Capuano said.

Tickets can be purchased at the door and the carnival will run till May 1.

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