Colin Powell Inspires Young People

The retired general was the keynote speaker at the World Youth Peace Summit at UHart.

Leadership was the focus of the keynote address by Retired General Colin Powell.

The former Chairmain of the Joint Chiefs and Secretary of State spoke to hundreds of young people at the World Youth Peace Summit at the University of Hartford on Sunday evening.

"If you want to be great leaders, first and foremost you have to believe in yourself," Powell told the crowd. "Success comes from many ways but it's not from titles and it is not from money. It's from the satisfaction you give yourself."

The four day summit attracts young people from dozens of the countries around the world. They can take part in workshops, panel discussions and speeches.

Powell was upbeat and energetic in his message. He touched on many topics, including his experiences during the Cold War.

"Leaders don't turn away from the truth, leaders see the truth and act on the truth and they try to do something about the truth that's facing them," Powell said. "Gorbachev realized his system wasn't working and he wanted to change it."

He even spoke of the lessons he learned from the immigrants who work at his favorite New York City hot dog stands.

"I'll take the hot dog and start to hand him the money," he said. "He'll say no, you don't have to pay me, America has paid me, I'm here."

For the young people who atteneded the speech, it was an inspiring hour.

"It was especially interesting seeing how he was a military man could talk about peace at the level he did," Phillip Colon of Richmond, VA said. "It was incredible and amazing."

"It was really inspirational," Jackie Otake of Portland, CT said.

Powell's closing message to the young people was to 'go forth and save the world.'

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