College Fairs Held in New Haven

New Haven Public Schools held three college fairs Tuesday and plan three more for Wednesday. 

By holding the fairs as part of the school day instead of as something extra at night, organizers say students are more likely to turn up.

So from AIC to Yale, from Albertus Magnus to Wesleyan, college representatives were on hand at Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School. 

Wesleyan is where Donijah Collier has already decided he wants to go.

"Right now I'm going to be attending CCY, Center for Creative Youth, which will give me the equipment and techniques I need to go into Wesleyan for film," he said.

Collier is a junior, and his principal, Frank Costanzo, explained that the school doesn't just parachute juniors into the uncertain world of choosing a college. The process begins their freshman year.

"We start early on in advisory through the program that we have here," said Costanzo. "Looking at habits that make for effective college students, the sorts of things students need to be doing."

One thing New Haven students can be doing is taking advantage of New Haven Promise: if students' grades, attendance, and community service are strong enough, they get money for college if they stay within Connecticut.

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