Committee Set to Vote on McMahon Nomination to Small Business Administration

The Senate Small Business Committee is expected to vote Monday on whether Linda McMahon will become Administrator of the Small Business Administration.

McMahon told the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship that she is honored to be nominated and pledged to support small businesses if she is confirmed to lead the SBA.

“We can never forget that small businesses are people with goals and values that cannot be calculated just on a profit and loss statement,” McMahon said. “If I have the honor of being confirmed as the head of the SBA, I will do my best to advocate on their behalf.”

Both senators from Connecticut are former political rivals of McMahon, but both spoke in support of her at the confirmation hearing last week.

"We have known our share of differences, but I have never questioned her unwavering drive and focus," Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal said. "She has used her business to help veterans and women realize their own dreams and opportunities."

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy expressed his confidence in McMahon’s abilities and commented that politics only work if opponents find ways to work together.

"I'm here today to support Linda, not because we've magically become of one mind on how we approach every problem this country faces, but because I have confidence that she is going to give good, sound counsel to President Trump when it comes to policy affecting small businesses and I believe she has the passion for this job that's vital," Murphy said.

McMahon and her husband founded World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., which became a publicly traded sports entertainment company. She stepped down as the company’s CEO in 2009 and in recent years worked on a start-up to encourage more female business owners.

McMahon ran unsuccessfully for a US Senate seat against both Blumenthal and Murphy in separate campaigns and is known as an influential Republican mega donor. She has known President Donald Trump for decades and donated $5 million to his family charity over the years.

The SBA was created in 1953 and serves to protect the interests of small businesses. It is best known for providing small business loans and disaster aid to companies and entrepreneurs, but also monitors government officials’ compliance with contract laws and sponsors outreach programs. It’s budget generally falls under $1 billion.

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