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Communities Opening Cooling Centers With Hot Weather Expected

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With a potential heat wave on the way, the state’s extreme hot weather response is set to go into effect on Tuesday.

After heat torched other parts of the country, it’s now our turn and people are making plans.

“I stay home in my nice air conditioning,” said Dolores Ferguson of Waterbury.

“I don’t move around in the heat too much. I sit home,” said Vinnie Ferguson of Waterbury.

Starting at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Governor Lamont has directed the state’s extreme hot weather protocol to be activated until Sunday. It helps make sure everyone has somewhere cool to go as the mercury rises.

“Do something inside. Hopefully you have air conditioning and if you don't, we've got three basically heat shelters that'll keep you out of the, you know, the really intense heat,” said Mayor Michael Walsh, D – East Hartford.

Walsh tells us folks can head to the public safety complex 24 hours a day.

Also during the day, you can stop by the library and the senior center.

“Everyone needs to be careful and protect themselves from dehydration and ultimately what could be any type of form of, you know, heat stroke or an impact from heat,” Walsh said.

To help avoid that, experts suggest wearing lightweight, light-colored clothing, try to limit outdoor time especially during the middle of the day and drink lots of water.

Symptoms indicating you might have gotten too much sun include dizziness, fatigue and low pulse rate.

"Heat illness can affect everyone, all ages from the little ones all the way up through our elderly," said Dr. Jennifer Martin, St. Francis Hospital Emergency Department chair.

You can find cooling centers around the state by reaching out to 211.

The state’s hot weather protocol not only helps coordinate that, but it also means energy utilities keep the state updated on how they’re being impacted by the weather.

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