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Community Advocates Call for Special Session to Address Youth Crime

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Throughout the past year, youth crime has affected many Connecticut towns. Now, one community advocacy group is demanding legislative action.

Safe Streets Connecticut gathered Monday at the Legislative Office Building, calling upon state leaders and lawmakers to hold a special session to discuss the issue. They were joined by several state representatives from both sides of the aisle.

“No one is speaking for the average citizen. We are the voice for the average citizen,” said Safe Streets spokesman John Porriello.

Gathering on the steps of the LOB, Safe Streets demanded lawmakers convene for a special session addressing crimes committed by minors.

“Right now this issue is being ignored,” Porriello said. “We can’t ignore this issue any longer.”

From stolen cars to burglaries, crimes committed by youths have affected towns around the state, creating widespread concern. Joining Safe Streets Connecticut were representatives, both Democrat and Republican, supporting the idea of a special session.

“There’s been an escalation in homicide in the city. There’s been car thefts that escalate into abductions. Guns involved and guns involved,” said Rep. Kerry Wood, D -Newington.

Rep. Tom Delnicki, R-South Windsor, agrees.

"This is not a city problem. This is not a suburban problem. This is not a rural problem. This is a Connecticut problem," Delnicki said.

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