Community College Classes Filling Up Fast

With classes starting Friday, summer preparations have come to an end at Tunxis Community College in Farmington. But one thing the college wasn't prepared for was how many new students wanted to sign up for classes. 

On Wednesday, the college shut down registration early because the introductory classes were all full.

"One of my friends, he's from Burlington, he had some problems registering. I guess when he came into register, he got denied because I guess we're really full here," said Derek Skaberda, a Tunxis student.

The college did add some extra classes in core subjects like English and math, but it couldn't accommodate everyone.

"We did end up telling people, some people, that they might need to come back in November and try again for spring semester. This is the first time in our history that we've ever had to do that," said Tunxis Community College President Cathryn Addy.

The economy has increased the demand for affordable education, Addy said.

"Community colleges are still the most affordable option in higher education, so many students are figuring out if they go to a community college for the first year or two and then transfer to that baccalaureate institution, they come out ahead financially," she said.

The school is already looking ahead to next semester to see what it can do to accommodate more students.

"We're clearly going to try to add additional sections, but we have to maintain the quality of our courses, and also the limitations on space will become an issue. We can only grow so far," said Michael Rooke, acting dean of academic affairs.

Students said the best bet for next semester is to register early.

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