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Community Groups Help Families Struggling with Food Insecurities

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The need for food has skyrocketed during the last eight months as families try to cope with growing food insecurities.

Wednesday morning at Rentschler Field, hundreds of people showed up hoping to receive a mixture of food items for meals.

Jose Colon showed up for the second time since he lost his job as a construction worker.

"I've been out of work for like six weeks now," said Colon. "It puts a little something on the table for the family especially for our kids."

Elizabeth Tillman has been taking advantage of the food distribution at Rentschler field for the past couple of months.

"People are hurting right now and it's not easy," said Tillman. "I'm just thankful and graceful that God has seen me through this for eight months."

Since April, Foodshare volunteers have worked day in and day out to put together boxes filled with canned goods and other items for the public.

At Manchester's Area Conference of Churches, there's a rush to get packages ready for families.

"The numbers vary on any given day, we don't know who's coming but we always try to prepare for them," said Chef Ferdinand Cruz, of M.A.A.C Charities.

M.A.A.C. Charities has a mission to help feed those who may have fallen on hard times.

"If we can offer the food to those who need them, it might help them pay a bill when they have some extra income," said Beth Stafford, Executive Director of M.A.A.C Charities.

If you are in need of a meal on Thanksgiving, you can head to the Salvation Army in Manchester at 661 Main Street.

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