Group Tips Prospect Server Nearly $2K

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A group of Connecticut community members came together to leave a Prospect server a big tip.

She went home with nearly $2,000.

“The tears, she immediately, you know, went to tears and she was very, very thankful,” said Mike Bernardi of Cheshire.

Bernardi saw a tip trend on social media called “Shock and Claus,” where each participant pays for a meal and leaves a $100 tip per person.

Bernardi wanted to do something similar locally.

So, after reaching out to some friends, he posted on the Cheshire Community Facebook group to see what local server could use a little extra love this year.

That brought them, many of whom were strangers, to The Kitchen in Prospect to shock a special someone.

Bernardi says she is still trying to absorb the surprise.

 “So we were able to have a nice breakfast and spend $500 with the restaurant. Tip the busboy a decent tip, and then take care of our server,” he said, adding they were happy to support the restaurant, which opened during the pandemic.

“The whole table was crying too. So you saw, you know, grown men and women and older. I mean, just everybody there was crying,” said Natuzza DiMasi of Meriden, who participated.

Both hope it encourages more people to spread some holiday cheer this Christmas season and beyond.

“We started as strangers and we left as friends. If anything, you know, we gave a great tip to somebody that deserved it and we made friendships along the way. So, I think it was a win-win for everyone,” said DiMasi.

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