Community Organizations Step Up to Help Parents Struggling to Afford Formula

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A pandemic, supply shortages, inflation: times are tough, money has been tight and new parents are feeling the pinch.

“The mothers and the young fathers are in crisis right now, said Pastor Brenda Adkins of His Divine Will Fellowship.

A crisis, Adkins says is impacting families in Connecticut.

“It’s the prices of the baby formula that is very, very expensive," he said.

Adkins, her husband, and others stepped up to help this summer, giving out free formula to parents.

She said they learned some families were watering down the formula to last longer, impacting their infant’s nutrition.

And as the problem continues, she and others stepped in to help by creating a formula pantry.

“There is a lot of hungry babies that are hungry in Connecticut," she said.

Adkins works with The Diaper Bank of Connecticut to collect formula.

The Diaper Bank of Connecticut is a non-profit that provides basic health needs for people like diapers and feminine products, but they’re now stocking up on formula, too.

“It’s something that through the course of the pandemic, that we kept hearing about as well that we really wanted to figure out what can we do, what can we do to help this need that families are having?” said Executive Director Janet Alfano.

It’s truly a community effort as The Diaper Bank has collaborated with Foodshare to help families in need.

“Families' household budgets are really tight and they need some help and this is not something you can go without if you’re using formula to feed your baby," Alfano said.

Even during the hard times, Adkins hopes we can all come together to help each other.

“It’s an exciting thing to care about others than yourself. Especially during this time. There’s a lot of mothers that are struggling," she said.

To receive help, you can call 211, visit their website, or call them directly. If you want to help by volunteering, you can donate, host a drive, or volunteer with The Diaper Bank of Connecticut, too.

Adkins' formula pantry giveaway occurs the third week of every month.

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