Community Raises Funds for Teen Hit-And-Run Victims

In Waterbury, dozens of people came together to help two teenagers who were injured in a hit-and-run while they were out on a date.

There was a fundraiser at the Rehoboth Apostolic Church Saturday.

The special mass helped raised money and the spirits for the families of 18-year-old Jerry Goodman, Jr. and 16-year-old Dileydy Mota.

Two weeks ago, police say the boyfriend and girlfriend were out walking to dinner and a movie when they were struck by a car running a red light near the intersection of Brass Mill Way and East Main Street.

“I can’t see how anyone would hit anybody but then teenagers and keep on going,” says Jerry Goodman, Sr.

Jerry Goodman, Sr. says the hit and run left his son with a broken femur.

“He’s coming along with therapy. Every day, the nurse comes every day and the therapist comes to make him walk, do the stairs. It’s a slow process but he’s coming along,” says Goodman.

Dileydy’s mother, Mirna Gonzalez, says her daughter had a serious skull fracture.

On Saturday, she was resting at home.

“Today was a good day. Today she’s not complaining. Little dizzy here and there but today is a good day,” says Gonzalez.

Both families say their kids will have months of recovery. The mass will help with their medical expenses.

“Anything will be helpful and appreciated,” says Goodman.

A $1,000 reward is being offered for anyone with information about the hit-and-run.

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