Community Rallies to Help Victims of Vernon House Explosion

On Thursday a home on East Street in Vernon exploded and collapsed with seven people inside. Now the community is rallying together to collect donations for those victims. 

The Cornerstone Foundation Clothing Bank Etc., is a local group that collects donated clothing and other items. Volunteers are working with the victims’ family members to replace what was lost in the explosion.

Six of the seven people lived in the now destroyed home and on top of recovering from their injuries, they need everything from shirts to jeans to book bags to household essentials.

Organizers say they’ve already collected some clothing, but it’s not enough.

“They definitely need more absolutely need more. This is really just to get them through now and then we’re going to have to hope that they’re even going to fit so yeah we do need to get more clothing to them,” said Clothing Bank Etc. Director Christine Filanowics.

The family could also use monetary donations or things like grocery store gift cards.

Anyone interested in donating can bring items to Clothing Bank Etc. at 3 Prospect Street in Vernon. For more information visit The Cornerstone Foundation website.

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