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Community Stands With Berlin Police Officer Fighting Breast Cancer

Aimee Krzykowski faces chemo and radiation for the next four months.

A Berlin police officer is about to begin her second battle with breast cancer, but she is not doing it alone.

Aimee Krzykowski was first diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 years old.

“At 30 years old that was a very traumatic diagnosis,” she said. “I didn’t know how to handle it or what to do with it. Luckily I had a great support system and I was able to get through it. Luckily I didn’t have to do chemotherapy then. I ended up having a double mastectomy.”

Now, six years later, once again she is in a fight for her life.

“I found a lump,” said Krzykowski. “I got it checked out, and they determined through biopsies that it was cancerous.”

She faces chemo and radiation for the next four months.

“One in three people are going to be affected by cancer in their lifetime and that’s a scary statistic,” Krzykowski said. “However, when it happens to you, it’s even scarier.”

The support for Aimee has been overwhelming.

“It has made me feel confident that I can do this,” she said.

Police are selling these wristbands and wearing pink badges. They’re organizing fundraisers, and even coming up with a plan to mow her lawn.

“She’s an amazing officer, an amazing person, and she’s part of our family—law enforcement or otherwise,” said Berlin Police Deputy Chief Chris Ciuci.

Local business Box Bistro is prepping meals for Aimee so she doesn’t have to cook, a salon is having a cut-a-thon and the East Berlin Fire Department is lighting up pink.

“I don’t always like the attention,” Krzykowski said. “But I know I’m going to need help through this. So, I’ve learned to accept the help and feel the gratitude.”

And perhaps her greatest support is her partners. Aimee is a K9 officer. She will have both her police dogs by her side as she begins chemotherapy tomorrow.

“I have my retired dog, Titan, who was my partner for nine years,” Krzykowski said. “He’s now 11 and a half. He was there through my first diagnosis. He was one of my caregivers. He took very good care of me. He made sure that whenever I was having an off day, he gave me extra snuggles. He was always there to keep me motivated. Now I also have Casner with me. Casner is my new dog. I’ve had him on the road for about a year now. He is full of crazy puppy energy.”

She’s hoping for a quick recovery to return to serve a community there for her through it all.

“I love my job. I really do. It’s something that gives me purpose in life.”

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