Berlin Company Closing, Hundreds Out of Work

MarketPoint Direct employees were called together on Monday evening and the news they heard was not good. Their company is being sold to a New Jersey business and their jobs will be lost.

MarketPoint Direct has been in Berlin for a several years, providing employment for more than 200 people. But now, it's being sold to a company called Con-Pak Services of Moorestown, New Jersey

Com-Pak's Web site says only that the move will "create a more power direct marketing services company,"  and that the combination will bring "the future to our business today."

For the many Berlin workers who have been with MarketPoint Direct for years, the news is a bitter pill to swallow. 

Mao Khamsy said he's been told there will be no vacation pay and no severence pay. 

Felix Marrero, who is retired but works part-time for the company, says he does not feel sorry for himself.  His concerns are with the workers who have families who will lose their jobs.

Several phone calls to Con-Pak headquarters in New Jersey have not been returned.

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