Complaint Alleges Hartford Police Sergeant Made Inappropriate Comments to Officer

An investigation is underway looking into how a Hartford police sergeant treated an officer.

Before a city council meeting Wednesday there were a lot of questions about what unfolded between two officers, and if there was possible wrongdoing.

James Sanchez, the Hartford City Council Majority Leader, among others just learning about a concerning memo involving a Hartford police officer.

“I just received it a couple of hours ago,” Sanchez said.

Internal affairs confirmed to NBC Connecticut that they are investigating allegations that a sergeant made inappropriate comments to an officer. That officer reportedly told her lieutenant who then filed a complaint on her behalf.

NBC Connecticut was told that on Monday the officer sent a memo to HR complaining that she felt the police department had not done anything.

In the memo, the officer claims the sergeant made inappropriate comments on multiple occasions, and that despite the complaint previously filed on her behalf, nothing was done over the course of nine months. The memo said that this lack of action is representative of a larger problem at the department.

"The Hartford Police Department and the City of Hartford have regularly demonstrated corrupt values and a questionable moral compass by allowing gross misconduct by favored employees. In short, our current administration has show undeniably that a 'Good Ole' Boys' network exists and many female officers, to include me, are made to feel that the incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination are of no consequence..." the memo reads.

She also went on to say she felt the accused may be protected because he is a supporter of Mayor Luke Bronin.

In a statement Mayor Luke Bronin, wrote in part:

“My administration does not tolerate harassment of any kind by anyone…I take the allegations very seriously, and there is an investigation underway.”

The mayor adds the accused officer was reassigned to a different unit the same day the complaint was made last May and that’s when an investigation began. Right now Councilman Sanchez has faith in the process including how police and human resources will handle it.

“Will do their due diligence in making sure this is properly addressed,” Sanchez said.

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