Concern Grows for Loved Ones in Hurricane Maria's Path in Puerto Rico

As Hurricane Maria inches closer to Puerto Rico, many Connecticut residents with friends and family on the island are concerned.

Ricardo Martinez’s father lives along the northern coast near Arecibo and his backyard backs up to the beach, but it is his father’s health problems that concern him even more.

“My father has kidney problems so he’s taking dialysis. Right now it’s a problem because Puerto Rico could go three, four, maybe even more months without light, without water. It’s hard for me,” said Ricardo Martinez, of New Britain.

Much of Martinez’s family lost power for days when Hurricane Irma took a glancing blow to Puerto Rico two weeks ago. He is praying for their safety, while others like Karen Morales headed into the storm’s path.

She boarded the last non-stop flight from Bradley International Airport to San Juan, Puerto Rico Tuesday morning. She plans to take care of her elderly parents and secure their home.

“On the island there’s nothing. There’s no gasoline, there’s no tenders, nothing to hold your roof, no water. It’s chaos down there right now, so I’m bringing provisions for my family, Hopefully we’ll ride it out and everything will be fine,” said Morales.

The airport in San Juan is expected to close Tuesday at 7 p.m.

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