Mounting Concern Over Ice Dams, Collapsing Roofs

With snow piled on rooftops around the state, concerns are mounting for home and business owners about ice dams and the potential for roofs to collapse.

Officials say heavy snow was to blame for a roof collapse at an apartment building in Montville late Monday night. As a result, 20 residents were displaced.

The back-to-back winter storms are keeping roofing contractors around the state busy.

We caught up with a crew from J.J. Landerman Roofing as they worked on the roof of a Simsbury home. They cleared the edges of the roof and also used calcium chloride to break up the ice.

"What you want to do is clean 3 feet past that wall to the interior of the house, and that allows the snow to melt and drain into the gutter and then that eliminates the ice dams," said company foreman Frank Mortell.

Failing to clear ice dams could cause interior damage to your home or business, according to experts.

If you can't do the work yourself, Mortell advises residents to call a licensed contractor for help.

"With this snow, this put another ten to twelve inches on top of what was already there and that's where your trouble starts now. If you don't address it now it's going to continue to build up and your ice dams are going to get greater and greater," said Mortell.

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