Condos Raised to Fix Crumbling Foundation

Eight attached condos lifted right off their foundation on Thursday as crews worked on the failing concrete basements underneath.

The building represents eight of the 46 condo units in the Lakeview Complex in Vernon. Eleven have concrete crumbling so badly that the only thing owners can do is replace the basement walls and foundations.

Ed Oswecki figured out pretty quickly his condo association had a problem with crumbling concrete after noticing his own basement was collapsing. He originally showed the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters the damage in January.

Oswecki and fellow condo owners knew they had to act fast. They now have contractor Don Childree making a massive repair. First he jackhammered out much of the old concrete, disconnected all the utilities, slid steel girders in, put wood cribbing underneath the girders, then lifted the 336 ton building with 26 hydraulic lifts. This cost the condo owners almost one million dollars. They are all footing the bill on their own.

State Representative Tim Ackert came by to see the condos getting lifted. He says many others in his district have the crumbling concrete issue, but not the means to pay for it. Ackert, along with fellow lawmakers from the affected area, believe they need to come up with some kind of aid, even if it is not a complete solution, in the upcoming special session involving the state budget.

There’s no word yet on when that special session will take place though.

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