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Conn. to Receive $11 Million From Opioid Settlement

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The State of Connecticut is set to receive $11 million that is aimed at fighting the opioid addiction crisis.

It's part of a larger $26 billion settlement that is expected to flow to every state in the country.

This is the largest opioid-related settlement to date and it is aimed at reversing the crisis for families and in places devastated by it.

Drug maker Johnson & Johnson and three major distributors finalized the settlement back in February.

Now, starting on Monday, Connecticut will see the first $11 million payment. The settlement works to rollout $300 million to Connecticut over the next 18 years.

While none of the money will go directly to victims of opioid addiction or their survivors, these dollars will be used to expand access to opioid use prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery.

"This means critical resources for treatment and prevention right here in Connecticut, for what is the worst public health crisis in America, the opioid and addiction crisis, COVID notwithstanding, because, hopefully, we'll get COVID behind us. And we'll still have the opioid and addiction crisis," said Attorney General William Tong.

Tong said his work in fighting this epidemic will continue beyond the settlement as he plans to keep other manufacturers including Connecticut-based Purdue Pharma, retailers and healthcare providers accountable.

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