Connecticut Babysitters Among the Best Paid in the U.S.

Connecticut has some of the highest paid babysitters in the country, according to a new survey, which is great if you watch other people’s children for a living and not so great if you’re the one doing the hiring., a website that links caregivers and families together, conducted a survey of more than 1,000 members to figure out how much parents should pay a babysitter and the greater Hartford area and the greater Bridgeport area are among the highest.

Greater Hartford ranked eighth overall, with a rate of $14.28 per hour, while the Bridgeport area ranked sixth, with a rate of $14.91, according to, which determined that the more the sitter was paid the more trustworthy and experienced they were.

Babysitter rates have been on the rise, and have increased 28 percent in the past five years alone, according to the website, and the average rate in 2014 was about $13.50 per hour.

The four most expensive holidays to hire a babysitter on are Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day, so if you are a babysitter in need, keep your holidays open. If you are a parent in need, keep those checkbooks handy!

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