Connecticut Cheers on “The Voice” Winner With Local Ties

Connecticut native Sawyer Fredericks became the latest winner of NBC's "The Voice" Tuesday night.

His grandparents, who were watching from Monroe, said they always knew Fredericks was talented and had a hunch the rest of the country would feel the same.

"Deep in my heart, I just had the feeling he was going to get it," said Fredericks' grandfather, Jan Larsen.

His step-grandmother, Barbara Larsen, called Fredericks' victory "a win for the entire family."

It's a win not just for the family, but for many from Connecticut, who remember Sawyer as a young boy. He spent his first couple years in Newtown and started kindergarten at Booth Free Elementary School in Roxbury before moving to upstate New York.

"It was really very exciting to know that one of our former students was on stage," said Sawyer’s kindergarten teacher Rita Gregory.

"I just remember him being a very sweet, young boy. He seemed very happy," said Booth Free Elementary School nurse Sandi DiBella.

They said they couldn't be prouder and have been voting for Fredericks throughout the season. They hope he'll remember Roxbury and maybe even pay a special visit to the students.

"It would be fantastic if he would be willing to come Booth Free School to play for the boys and girls," said Booth Free Elementary School Principal Cathy Colella. "Again, it's sort of a role model, and it would be great to have somebody here who can share that experience, and it gets all the kids excited. Especially in this little, tiny town."

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