Connecticut Children's Begins Construction on New Pediatric Dialysis Center

Connecticut Children’s is beginning the construction of a new pediatric dialysis center. It will be the first of its kind in Connecticut.

Currently, children who require outpatient dialysis have to travel as far away as Boston or Philadelphia to visit a pediatric dialysis center.

Virginia Robinson’s 15-year-old son, Niyear, needed dialysis three times a week before he received a kidney transplant.

“He had to be there,” said Robinson. “In order to live, he had to be there.”

She had to take him to an adult facility in order to get the necessary dialysis.

“They were so used to working with adults that they didn’t understand that like if he started cramping, you have to take more time with him being a pediatric patient,” she said. “So it was really tough.”

The new facility at Connecticut Children’s will be the first dialysis center in the state specifically designed for children. They are remodeling an existing part of the building.

Dr. Cynthia Silva, nephrologist at Connecticut Children’s, believes the center will fill a gap in children’s health care.

“Pediatric nurses, child life specialists, you have social workers,” Silva said. “You have to work with a child, but then you also have to work with the parents. It’s very different than the adult model of care where it’s a one to one.”

The center is expected to open next year.

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