Connecticut Children's Medical Center Needs Toys

The supply of toys given to patients at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is running low.

Matt and Carrie Martel have been in an out of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center with their daughter Ava for the past year.

“Sometimes you’re here for weeks, days and you’ve got nothing,” Matt Martel said. “You’re not at home.”

At the hospital, they give kids new toys to help them with the recovery process after surgery or a medical procedure.

“It gives her something to look forward to,” Carrie Martel said. “She gets really scared going in, but when she wakes up she remembers 'hey I got something,' and it just makes it a lot easier for her.”

Lead Child Life Specialist, Christine Tatem, says the toy closet here is emptying fast.

“We receive a lot of our donations during Christmas time, so typically by the end of summer we’re running a little low,” Tatem said.

The hospital created an online wish list, and they are asking for new toy donations.

“We need for all ages,” Tatum said. “We see infants right through adolescents. Infants are often in high demand. So things like rattles or board books or anything like lights up or makes noise.”

If you’d like to donate, you can drop off toys at the front desk at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

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