Connecticut Cities Among the Drunkest

Boston is the drunkest city in the United States, according to a recent Daily Beast poll, but two Connecticut cities are not far behind.

The Hartford and New Haven metro areas rank sixth among the drunkest, according to a study Experian Marketing did for the Daily Beast.  

The rankings are based on the average number of boozy beverages residents drink each month and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics on binge and heavy drinkers.

The CDC found that 16.5 percent of people in our metro areas were classified as binge drinkers, while 3.6 percent were classified as heavy drinkers and the average number of drinks adults consumed per month was 15.2.

Other local cities on the list are Springfield, which ranked 14th, and Providence, which ranked 10th.

To view a slideshow on the 25 drunkest cities and to see how they compare to Hartford and New Haven, see the Daily Beast.

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