Connecticut Cities Rank High on List of Worst Real Estate Markets: Study

A new study analyzing 300 real estate markets around the country ranks four Connecticut cities in the top 10 of worst markets in the nation.

The study by personal finance site WalletHub puts New Haven, Waterbury, Hartford, and Bridgeport as some of the worst cities for home purchases and sales.

In putting together the analysis, WalletHub looked at 21 key metrics, including home value forecast, median home-price appreciation, average number of days until a house is sold, share of 'underwater' homes, and foreclosure rate.

The site also looked at key economic indicators, such as maintenance affordability, population growth rate, job growth rate, unemployment rate, and median credit score.

The best real estate markets in the country on the list are Frisco, Texas; McKinney, Texas; Allen, Texas; Cary, North Carolina; and Richardson, Texas.  Other cities in the top 10 best list include: Seattle, Wash.; Bellevue, Wash.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Denver, Colo.

Several Massachusetts cities, including Cambridge, Boston, and Quincy ranked in the middle of the pack.  Manchester, N.H. was 80 out of 300.  Providence came in at 238 out of 300.  No cities from Vermont or Maine were included in the analysis.

Top 30 Worst Real Estate Cities, according to WalletHub analysis:

1. Newark, NJ

2. Paterson, NJ

3. Elizabeth, NJ

4. Miami Beach, FL

5. Bridgeport

6. Hartford

7. Detroit, MI

8. Waterbury

9. Montgomery, AL

10. New Haven

11. Brockton, MA

12. Cleveland, OH

13. Fall River, MA

14. Flint, MI

15. Miami, FL

16. Baltimore, MD

17. Fayetteville, NC

18. Indianapolis, IN

19. Albany, NY

20. Rochester, NY

21. New Bedford, MA

22. Fort Lauderdale, FL

23. Buffalo, NY

24. Rockford, IL

25. Dayton, OH

26. Miami Gardens, FL

27. Springfield, MA

28. Toledo, OH

29. Yonkers, NY

30. West Palm Beach, FL

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