Connecticut Couple Faces Health Care Sign- Up Challenges

Signing up for health insurance has been a long and frustrating process for Valerie Gumpper and her husband Philip Kushner.

The Bridgewater couple has spent weeks trying to get health coverage through the state health exchange.

It all started back in October when the small business owners received a notice that their current Anthem health plan was going to be cancelled.

So, they decided to go on the exchange.

They were able to get through the entire process on the website but at the end they got this message: "You are currently not enrolled in a health plan."

"We're putting all our information in but we're not getting anything back out," said Gumpper.

They said calling Access Health CT wasn't much easier.

"First we were told we don't know anything about you, we don't have any information for you," she said.

Then once the operators found their information, Gumpper said they never received any kind of e-mail or confirmation saying they had completed the process.

"We were told just wait and we would receive a package of materials in the mail and we never did," she said.

Worried they wouldn't receive their insurance by January 1, they went to an enrollment fair last week.

"They were as confused as we were initially," she said.

Two and a half hours later they received a confirmation number but even as of December 12, their online account still shows they haven't completed the process.

"This is not an inexpensive investment on the part of the consumer, or Valerie and myself so that we do want to make sure we're getting right product," said Kushner.

NBC Connecticut contacted Access Health CT. They couldn't immediately say why this happened and they said they are looking into this specific issue.

The deadline to enroll is December 23.

Philip and Valerie are holding out hope that they will be covered by the new year.

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