Connecticut Department of Health

Connecticut Department of Health Warns Officials of Licensing Threats Scam

Licensed health officials have reported receiving threats that they have lost or will lose their license.


The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) officials have issued a warning after scammers have been targeting licensed professionals, telling them their licenses are suspended or at risk due to federal drug enforcement investigations.

DPH officials said scammers are using publicly available licensing information to create fake charges in order to gain and access personal and financial information.

Some of those targeted have included licensed physicians and dentists, officials said.

“DPH will never arbitrarily contact licensees to demand money or any other form of payment or personal and sensitive information,” said Commissioner Manisha Juthani, MD. “The department notifies licensees of a legitimate investigation or other action in person or by official letter.”

Commissioner Juthani added that similar scams have occurred over the past few years throughout the country and usually reference a Drug Enforcement Agency action.

DPH warns that although the call or letter may appear real, it is simply a scam to access personal information and to resist providing anything.

Licensees who believe they have received these fraudulent notices should contact the Federal Trade Commission:

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