Connecticut Economy Reality ‘Unknown,’ Comptroller Says

In the face of a deficit of at least $300 million and several state employee layoffs, Connecticut’s comptroller describes the state’s new economic reality as “unknown.” But Comptroller Kevin Lembo said that might not be a bad thing.

“There is a lot to be hopeful about in Connecticut. If we play to our strengths, we win,” Lembo said Tuesday after talking with members of the Westbrook Division of the Middlesex Chamber.

Lembo has been taking part in the small group conversations about the state’s economic outlook since he was elected in 2010.

While the forecast is tougher than it’s been in years, he said Connecticut is on the road to recovery.

“This is precisely what an economy is supposed to be doing. State government ratcheted down its spending in the face of the new reality. The economy is rebuilding itself. It just means we’re going through a longer rough patch than we normally experience,” Lembo said.

The audience of business and community leaders gathered at the Elks Club of Westbrook welcomed Lembo’s positive outlook.

“As we move forward, I’m more optimistic than maybe some. But although we’re facing some challenging times, we have to have a positive attitude to try to get through,” Chamber president Larry McHugh said.

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