Connecticut Experts Weigh in on San Bernardino Deadly Mass Shooting

To find out why the mass shooting in San Bernardino occurred, law enforcement must first find out who was behind and security experts in Connecticut believe the attackers used sophisticated tactics.

Those experts said tracking down the gunmen and eliminating the threat of more violence is only the very beginning of what could be a very lengthy quest for answers.

“This is a major undertaking," said Kenneth Gray, a lecturer in the Criminal Justice Department at the University of New Haven.

For twenty four years, Gray was a special agent with the FBI.

“Until you actually know who the shooters are, you're not going to know why they selected this target," Gray said.

From very preliminary information about the investigation, Gray said it appears that this could have been a carefully orchestrated attack on a very ‘soft’ target.

“If they had long weapons and body armor on, that shows a degree of sophistication," he said. "It shows that this was something actually planned out. Enter, do your shooting, get out.”

Matthew Schmidt, assistant professor of National Security & Political Science at the University of New Haven, agreed.

“It takes a lot of practice and time and resources to be able to operate in a combined manner and that has apparently happened in California," Schmidt said.

Another interesting note from experts in the security field is that the majority of mass shootings are not carried out by multiple attackers, indicating the possibility of a higher level of planning and coordination in this case.

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