Sales Tax Free Week

Connecticut Families Look Forward to Sales Tax-Free Week

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Families looking to save a little money are holding off on shopping until next week. That’s when the state’s sales tax-free week takes place. It applies to most clothing and shoes under $100.

“I don’t go shopping very often, but it definitely will spur me on to go shopping,” said Pamela Puchalski from Middlefield.

Puchalski said she waits for sales when buying clothing and shoes. Not having to pay the sales tax on those items will mean she will hit the stores next week.

The state’s sales tax holiday begins this Sunday and ends the following Saturday.

Most clothing and footwear under $100 will be exempt from state sales tax. That means each item must be under the threshold to qualify, not the total purchase made.

“It’s of some benefit, particularly in a period of high inflation,” said Quinnipiac University Professor Emeritus David Cadden.

Cadden points out that the limit remains at $100 and doesn’t include other school supplies. But with some retailers having an abundance of product, he expects that will benefit shoppers.

“People are overstocked, so they want to get that out the door. So I would anticipate there would be some very, very good sales,” Cadden said.

“I love it. Any break we can get is great,” said Fran Ludwig of West Hartford.

Ludwig went shopping on Wednesday with her friends visiting from France, but she said they didn’t spend much because they’re waiting until next week. They’re hoping for good sales and a tax-free receipt.

“We looked at sneakers today. $160, and I guess it only goes up to $100. So that wouldn’t work for tax-free, but we can always find something,” Ludwig said.

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