Connecticut Fans Celebrate Spain's Win

It only took one goal to catapult Spain's national soccer team into the record books but it was a long, hard fought battle against a strong Netherlands team that lead to the country's first ever World Cup title.

Fans celebrated the win in Spain and across the world on Sunday, including Costa Del Sol restaurant in Hartford.

At the spanish eatery on Wethersfield Avenue it was no secret who everyone was routing for, Spain's national flag and colors were everywhere.

The restaurant has been the home base for Spanish soccer fans throughout the World Cup, so it only made sence to host all of them during the final game.

"It means a lot for the sport and I'm a spainard from Spain, so I should be the first one to support the team," said Maria Dieguez of Wethersfield.

"We are really routing for Spain," said Carlos Martinez of West Hartford, "we think they have a good chance, and hopefully I think we're going to make it."

And they did. After nearly 120 scoreless minutes, Spain finally scored the goal that would ultimately decide the match.

"This is an unbeliveable moment, for years Spain has tried so hard to win," said Adres Feijoo of Wethersfield,"they always lose, finally they have the best team. They fought through it, this is great for this restaurant and great for my family."

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