Connecticut Gas Prices on the Rise

It's typical to see gas prices increase ahead of the busy summer driving season as refineries switch to a more expensive summer blend.

New numbers from AAA show as of Monday the national gas price average is at $2.74, a $0.28 increase over the last month and $0.08 more than the same time last year.

The average cost of gas in Connecticut is also $2.74.

That upward trend will continue as gas prices continue to rise. It’s typical of the busy summer driving season and this is the time of year when refineries switch to a more expensive summer blend of gasoline, said AAA spokeswoman Amy Parmenter.

Usually gas prices peak around Memorial Day weekend, according to Parmenter.

“I’m thinking I don’t want to drive anywhere anymore,” said Julia Harper of Uncasville. She commutes a half hour to work every day and said she already spends a lot of money on gas.

“It going up makes it harder to get to my job too,” according to Harper.

It has some Connecticut drivers budgeting more.

“We are careful we don’t take real long trips or try to stay in the area,” said Phyllis Dooley of Old Lyme. Both she and her husband are retired and are conscious of their spending.

“We try to keep it close, go camping and stuff. We don’t travel a lot,” Chris Moffitt about traveling in the summer. The Pawcatuck resident was filling up with gas in New London Monday afternoon.

In the New London-Norwich area, AAA lists the average gas price at $2.76, just a couple of cents above the national average and up $0.21 per gallon from last month.

“I just suck it up and pay it. What are you going to do,” said Amy Renaldi. She lives in North Stonington and was also filling up at a gas station in New London where she was paying more than the state average price per gallon.

“In the summer I spend so much more money not (on) driving, but because I’m boating. So I’m buying more gas than I do in the winter,” Mark Grillo about the gas price punch.

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