Connecticut Has Most Unsafe Drivers in the Country: Report

Do you think you’re a safe driver? Connecticut drivers are the worst in the country, according to a new report.

The 2018 Safe Driving Report released by EverQuote Wednesday ranks Connecticut drivers as the worst in the country, followed by our neighbors in Rhode Island. 

The report says drivers in the Northeast had the lowest safe-driving ratings overall, being most-likely to engage in unsafe habits like speeding, aggressively accelerating, or using the phone while driving. The Midwest boasts the safest drivers.

Connecticut didn’t do much better in last year’s study – in 2017, Connecticut ranked 49th.

EverQuote determined the scores by analyzing 781 million miles worth of driving data from 2017 collected by their EverDrive app. The EverDrive app collects data from different parts of the car, including the GPS, accelerometer, device screen on/off and gyroscope.

While Connecticut has a distracted driver law that makes it illegal to use handheld devices while driving, the report says Connecticut drivers use their phones on 34 percent of trips.

The report also found that Connecticut drivers sped on 56 percent of trips, aggressively accelerated on 17 percent, brake hard on 30 percent, and turn hard on 12 percent.

On average across the country, drivers sped during 38 percent of trips, used their phones on 37 percent of trips, braked hard on 23 percent, aggressively accelerated on 14 percent, and turned hard on 11 percent.

The report also noted that despite laws against it, distracted driving has had a significant impact on insurance rates across the country.

Connecticut ranked 49th out of 50 states on safe driving report
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