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Connecticut Invention Convention Goes Online During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Many events and activities remain suspended or canceled due to the pandemic, but that's not stopping student inventors across the state from competing online.

"Since I was very little, I wanted to help people and animals. I just want to help," said 11-year-old Hannah Kravet.

So it makes sense Hannah would come up with inventions to do just that. Over the years she's created the Masse Mixer, the Kleaner Karrier, and the City Scarf, which uses a charcoal filter to protect people from pollution. She and many other students are always thinking about solutions for everyday life.

"It's really amazing how these students get together and just make these inventions and then present them," said Hannah.

For the 37th Connecticut Invention Convention, which recognizes students on the state level, there's no in-person gathering this year. For everyone's safety, everything has been moved online. But that hasn't lessened the enthusiasm of students who are uploading videos to show off their creations. This year Hannah and 25 others are up for the Young Inventor of the Year award. Her invention, the Bodyguard Binder, getting a lot of attention.

"A bulletproof insert that can fit into any three-ring binder, and it protects you from a school shooting," said Hannah.

The sixth-grader thought of it after watching the aftermath of a school shooting on the news. The Kevlar used in her invention was donated by West Hartford Police, and Hannah added a Bluetooth tracking device too.

Hannah says she also created a sleeve on the outside of the binder where you can put your arm through to hold the binder like a shield.

"It really is a sad problem. It was a creative solution. I was proud of her to come up with it, but the genesis of it is awful," said Hannah's dad, Adam.

It's a solution they think could save lives.

While we all continue into a new type of uncertainty, you can be sure students just like Hannah are working on solving those problems too.

If you'd like to learn more about the Connecticut Invention Convention, click here.

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