Connecticut Marine Breathes Sigh of Relief

Iraq War Sergeant Wins Legal Battle Over Aired "60 Minutes" Video

A Marine officer from Meriden has won a legal skirmish, as a military judge determined that CBS News does not have to turnover unaired footage from a "60 Minutes" interview. 

Staff Sgt. Frank Wueterich has been charged for his role in the killing of 24 Iraqis in 2005.  Marine Corps prosecutors wanted to get their hands on unaired footage. 

The North County Times


that a Camp Pendleton military judge on Thursday denied a subpoena seeking the footage from an interview with Wuterich, who grew up in Meriden.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Meeks ruled that forcing the network to hand over that material would place CBS in the role of being a government tool.

Wuterich faces nine counts of voluntary manslaughter and other allegations stemming from his role leading an assault after a bombing in the Iraqi city of Haditha killed one of his men.

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