Connecticut Patriots Fans React to Super Bowl Win

It was a stressful game for Patriots fans Sunday night, but at Buffalo Wild Wings in Wethersfield fans kept the faith and were rewarded for it as their team took home a Super Bowl win.

Fans at Buffalo Wild Wings in Wethersfield react the moment the Patriots win the Super Bowl in overtime Sunday night.

Early on Falcons fans watched their team swoop in with a dominating opening performance and it seemed like they would be the ones to take the trophy.

“You must have heard me screaming at the top of my lungs. I don’t mind,” said Rosaline Long of New Britain.

Patriots fans said they took a lot of heat the first half of the game and many were frustrated with the team’s performance.

“They are not playing their game. The offensive line is letting them get to Brady too quickly. They are a young team. Atlanta has some great players,” said Marilyn Tilley of Manchester.

But Patriots fans who stood by their team told NBC Connecticut they got a satisfying conclusion to a nail-biter of a game.

“I was in a room full of Giants fans, Pittsburgh fans, couple Dolphin fans taking a lot of flak during the course of the game. I got a little bit worried but I was still tweeting out and texting out a lot of greatest comeback memes for Brady. I stuck to my guns and it paid off,” said Daniel Delaney of Groton.

Fans said it was a stunning season, overcoming Deflategate and a massive deficit in the Super Bowl to come back and win in overtime.

“As long as you got Tom Brady, the best quarterback of all time, no discussion now. No one can say anybody else. No Joe Montana. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick all day,” said James Rivera of Wethersfield.

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