Connecticut Reacts to President Hosni Mubarak’s Resignation


We asked you onFacebook and Twitter for your reaction to Hosni Mubarak resigning on Friday as president of Egypt and you had some poignant things to say. Here are some of your reactions:

Jade Huguenot posted on Facebook: “Egypt is setting a superb example for the world. That is freedom and democracy at its very best. This is truly a historic moment for the planet, and it sends a powerful message to their neighboring countries in the Middle East, as well. I feel as though it's our generation's Berlin Wall moment.”

Wael Ghonim, a Google executive, was one of the organizers of a Facebook campaign to end police brutality in Egypt, MSNBC reports.

Ghonim helped bring national attention to what was happening in Tahrir Square.

Jennifer Currier Jakiel posted on Facebook: Glad to see he can take a hint -- 14 days later -- luckily it wasn't a subtle hint!!

Bryan Baker, of Waterbury, @bpb313: Glad to see he's finally listened to the will of the people. Just hoping that those in the military are listening too.

@grapple9: We take democracy for granted. Egypt is inspiring!

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