Connecticut Rehires Boston Consulting Group

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The Massachusetts firm the state hired to help reopen Connecticut's economy is back. Boston Consulting Group landed another $2 million contract with the state of Connecticut. 

“Back in 2017 in bipartisan fashion the legislature in their budget that year ordered the governor to hire a national consultant to help look for efficiencies and cost savings in-state operations,” Josh Geballe, Gov. Ned Lamont’s chief of staff, said.

Former Gov. Dannel Malloy felt it was inappropriate during an election year to make the hire. So the proposal got put on hold, until now. 

“As we look forward now with the large wave of retirements coming as well as forecasts of large budget deficits the time is important,” Geballe said.

BCG is expected to evaluate the state’s workforce by next February. 

“It’s estimated that as many as 25% of the state workforce could retire by the middle of 2022,” Geballe said.

Republican lawmakers were critical of the decision to hire this specific firm. 

“We haven’t gotten the FOI requests which were the communications between the Boston Consulting Group and the governor’s office. That gives me a huge concern,” Fasano said.

House Minority Leader Themis Klarides said in a statement that finding savings is a “good thing,” but it makes her wonder why the Lamont administration needed an out-of-state consultant to help them do it. 

“I get why they are doing what they’re doing,” Fasano said. “There’s some logic to it rather than starting a whole new consulting group to get familiar with the state and the governor’s office. So the continuity is good.” 

As far as Republican criticism is concerned, Geballe said the people criticizing it are the same ones who voted for it. 

“Once we undertake this we do a competitive procurement and that process by law is required to be fair and transparent and open and the highest-scoring bidder is awarded the work,” Geballe said.

In addition, Geballe said BCG is familiar with Connecticut having worked on the reopening plan. 

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