warm winter weather

Connecticut Residents Soak Up Warm Winter Weather

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It’s not the dog days of summer, but it sure looked like it.

“It’s just like such a beautiful day. Like right after the holidays, like not much going on, it’s a nice break,” said Stephanie Farber of Bristol.

This dog park in Southington was busy.

“I’m feeling happy,” said 7-year-old CJ Gilbert of Bristol. “I have a dog. His name is Zeek. He’s two-years-old. He’s liking it.”

Lots of people taking advantage of this slice of summer in the dead of winter.

“We won’t have many days like this, so to take advantage of it. It’s really a lot of fun and to bring the dog to play and watch their enthusiasm and excitement. It’s just a really happy time,” said Maryann Ingriselli of Southington.

The sentiment was similar in Hartford.

“We just squeegee the ice, do the best we can to make sure it stays there. It don’t melt away,” said Denmar Daley, the rink manager at Bushnell Park.

Lacing up at Bushnell Park didn’t require wearing multiple layers.

“They loving it. They out here in t-shirts and tank tops, so they loving it,” he said.

But, the warm weather meant skaters left with some extra damp denim.

“Horrible. I’m slipping, but it’s fun,” said Heavenly of Hartford.

And in West Hartford, the streets were a buzz on this balmy Saturday.

“It doesn’t feel like winter,” said Taylor Libera of East Haddam

“We just came back from Aruba and we can’t ask for better weather,” said Jason Libera.

A joyous January day to shake us out of the winter blues.

“Everybody is out today. Dogs, cats, people, it’s a perfect day to be outside,” said Ingriselli.

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