Connecticut Reacts to 4th of July Parade Mass Shooting in Illinois

The Newtown Action Alliance has issued a statement regarding the recent mass shooting at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

A 22-year-old gunman opened fire, killing seven and injuring 47 more. Police released new details on how the shooting unfolded, saying the suspected gunman had been planning the attack "for several weeks" and dressed in disguise to help flee the scene.

“Our hearts are with the Highland Park families who were impacted by the mass shooting incident yesterday in Illinois. A 22-year-old gunman with a legally purchased high-powered rifle hunted parade goers from a rooftop and terrorized hundreds who were simply there to celebrate America’s birthday," the Newtown Action Alliance said in a statement.

The group went on to say that hundreds of Americans were shot and a total of seven mass shooting incidents happened on Independence Day alone.

“Since 20 children and six educators were hunted and killed in less than five minutes by a gunman with an AR15 and high-capacity magazines in Sandy Hook Elementary School nearly a decade ago, we have unapologetically urged Congress to pass a set of strong comprehensive gun control measures to end all forms of gun violence — including the assault weapons ban," the group said.

Governor Ned Lamont has directed all flags be lowered to half staff to honor victims of the shooting.

“Another day in America yields another episode of senseless violence and death at the hands of a deranged gunman. I am heartened that the U.S. House and Senate acted in a bipartisan manner in recent days to take action on this epidemic of gun violence that has plagued the United States for far too long and has cost the lives of far too many. But we must not become complacent or grow numb to this epidemic. We must continue pushing our nation to enact meaningful reforms that the overwhelming majority of Americans support," Lamont said in a statement.

The Newtown Action Alliance applauded the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, saying they'll be at the White House with the president and survivors of gun violence on July 11 to celebrate the passage of the bill.

"However, we know too well that much more needs to be done. Until Congress bans assault weapons, bump stocks, ghost guns, and high-capacity magazines; strengthens the requirement for gun ownership with universal background checks, licensing, training, registration; promotes responsible gun ownership with safe storage; and holds the gun industry responsible for reckless marketing tactics - then mass shootings and daily incidents of gun violence will continue to devastate our families and communities in every corner of America," the group said.

President Joe Biden issued a proclamation to honor the victims.

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