Connecticut House Passes Bill Allowing for Sale of Tesla Cars

A bill that would allow Tesla Motors to sell its electric cars in Connecticut is moving forward in the state legislature.

With a vote of 116-32, the Connecticut House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday to allow the car manufacturer to bypass dealerships and sell directly to customers.

"Tesla applauds the House of Representatives for their hard work and support for bringing new jobs, revenue and the world's most advanced zero-transmission electric vehicles to Connecticut," Tesla Motors Vice President of Business Development Diarmuid O'Connell said in a statement Thursday.

Opponents have said it's unfair to change the laws governing car sales for a single company.

The Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association, which represents the state's dealerships, has argued that Tesla should have to adapt to the existing franchise model like all other manufacturers selling cars in Connecticut.

A spokesperson for Tesla Motors said the bill approved Thursday reflects a compromise between the automaker and the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association.

The measure now moves to the Connecticut Senate.

"We’ve worked with the dealers association, made compromises and now look forward to the Senate also recognizing that Tesla can bring revenue, ingenuity, and consumer choice to the state," O'Connell said.

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